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Shopping centres in the US are constructed with a specific shop mix goal in mind. There are approximately 40.000 shopping centres in the US and this sector is experiencing a major recession. As this sector is newly developing in Turkey, it is expected to make a significant impact through changing lifestyle and shopping practices here. The lifestyle of people living in big cities is becoming more and more a race with time, giving rise to many new ideas and high standards.


Akmerkez was built and commissioned on December 18,1993 by the joint venture of the Akkök, Tekfen and Istikbal groups. The aim of this four storied shopping center is to provide a cleaner, safer and more comfortable environment for visitors with its year round air conditioning / heating equipment, detection, warning and suppression systems, music broadcasting system, modern security systems and impeccable building automation services. The Akmerkez complex is established on 180,000 square meters and comprises a four story shopping area, 14 and 17 stories of office space and 23 stories of residential area. The shopping center is spread over a triangular area and is connected to the surrounding main galleries through 3 atriums. There are 41 escalators, 2 panaromic elevators, and 30 elevators which provide greater speed and access to visitors.

In 1995 in Vienna, Akmerkez was selected as "The Best Shopping Center in Europe" by the International Council of Shopping Centers, ICSC. In the competition organized by this same council in Las Vegas- USA, Akmerkez received the " Best Shopping Center In The World" award in 1996. It also received the highest accolade given by the ICSC the International Design and Development Award. Akmerkez is the first shopping center in the world to receive both of the above mentioned awards. In 1999, Akmerkez received the ICSC Solal Marketing Award in the "Community Relations" category. In March 2001, Akmerkez received a second ICSC Solal Marketing Award in the same category for the "Exterior Windows Display Contests" which was followed by ICSC Maxi Award, granted in October 2001 for the same topic. In the ICSC European Conference held in Copenhagen - Denmark in April 2006, Akmerkez once again received the ICSC Solal Marketing Award in "Public Relations" category for "Art At Akmerkez 3" which was followed by ICSC Maxi Award granted to Akmerkez in 2006 in Chicago- USA .

In addition to the above mentioned international awards, Akmerkez has received the AMPD honorary award in 1998 and The Consumer Quality Award in 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Akmerkez is open every day of the week between 10:00-22:00 and is visited by 1-1.5 million people every month (daily traffic of 40.000-45.000 during the week days and over 70.000 on weekends and holidays). The cleaning, security and general maintenance is provided by a cleaning work force of 120, a security force of 146 and a technical and managerial team of 115.

Akmerkez provides a wide range of products to it's visitors and has topped the world average of 85% occupancy with a leasing of 100%. The types of shops are determined by the "shop mix" method employed elsewhere around the world. Akmerkez, with its 246 shops, provides outstanding women's, men's and children's clothing and textiles, stationery, toys, sports, shoes, eyewear and gift shops along with restaurants, cinemas, hairdressers, banks, a currency exchange office, electronic goods, orthopedic goods, shoe shine services, a tailor, a pet shop, and a supermarket for all the shoppers'needs.

Transportation services are provided free of charge to business centers andhotels nearby, allowing for a greater variety of visitors.

Visitors in Akmerkez spend an average of 3,5 hours in this shopping center, the world average being 2,5 hours.

The various social and cultural activities organised by Akmerkez make it more than just a shopping centre; they make it a part of a life style.

Akmerkez is located in Etiler on a main junction road between the two Bosphourus bridges, within easy reach from major business centers and hotels all around the city.

Nispetiye Caddesi Ulus - Etiler - ISTANBUL
Tel: +90 (212) 282 01 70
Fax: +90 (212) 282 01 65

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