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Travel Tips: Get a Tax Refund
How is it tax-free...

If you intend to leave the country within 3 months and your place of residence is not in Turkey, you can obtain a refund for the value-added tax (VAT) for what you bought in Turkey.

The first thing you should do is identify retailers authorized for tax-free sales from the certificates or stickers on doors or windows. Remember non-authorized outlets won't get you a refund.

Make not of the following list:

  1. Minimum eligible amount is 3 million TL (Turkish Lira) as of June '96.
  2. You'll need your passport and visa to show the shop.
  3. Retailer will give you all three copies of the receipt. VAT will show separately on the receipt. Keep'em all.
  4. At the customs, have with you the receipt(s) with all copies and the articles you'll be asking the tax refund on.
  5. Have the customs officer stamp and validate all three copies of your receipt(s) and, if available, retailer issued refund check.
  6. Leave two copies with the customs officer and keep one copy for future reference.

How're you doing so far?

There are four ways to get your refund. Consult the retailer as to which one of these he/she is able to use.

  1. Refund through a bank check, to be cashed at a bank in the customs
  2. Refund on your next visit, if you plan to go back within a month of your departure
  3. Cash paid at the time and point of sale
  4. Refund by mail

For more information, call or write to:

Ministry of Finance and Tax Department
General Directorate
KDV Subesi
Ulus, Ankara 06100
Ph: (312) 310 3880

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